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A Sister Seekers Prequel

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It’s been ten years since I posted the first Sirana story on Literotica.

It’s been five since I got serious building and rebuilding the world of Miurag into what it grew into with the God Wars.

It’s only been a year since I transitioned to writing full-time.

And here we are today.

“Sons to Keep” is the official prequel to my published books, based on one of the earliest and vaguest ideas I had tossed out there in 2013 to get my Literotica serial “Surfacing” rolling.

What happened to the Priestess and her demonic son when they went to the Surface? Why did they go? Who were they?

The upcoming Book 8 for Sister Seekers, “Battle for Manalar,” is a major event in this era with many revelations falling out onto the page like dominos. One of these reveals has to do with this vague event that went down a hundred years before Sirana was born.

With the help of my patrons and collaborators, this all came together this summer, and I’m releasing it as a free gift to all readers who join my newsletter.

The long-time fans will gain deeper understanding of what’s already happened (or will happen in future books).

New readers can sample my work with this novella to see if it interests them. Those who continue the Sister Seekers will see many connections much earlier than the OG, from the very first book! 😊

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